Biometric Time Clocks

Sierra has a wide array of biometric time clock options. Biometric time clocks and devices have capacity to “read” employees quickly and operate with a very high degree of accuracy.  They are popular choice for today’s workforce. Use biometric time clocks for time and attendance data gathering, to stop buddy punching and control facility access.

TM Maximus

  • Easy to Customize
  • Cutting edge biometrics
  • Sturdy construction

Biometric Fingerprint

  • Entry level pricing
  • Biometric finger reader

Biometric Facial Recognition

  • use facial or fingerprint biometrics
  • touch screen

Biometric Facial Recognition

  • Latest biometric technology!
  • Set up as swipe & go


  • Fast and accurate
  • Premiere biometric choice

TM 785

  • Biometric finger reader option
  • Validations, employee lockouts, messaging, bells and access control
  • Programmable function keys

Finger Vein Reader

  • Secure enmployee verification
  • Reads vein pattern in < 2 seconds
  • Eliminate buddy punching!