Time and Attendance Software

Sierra Workforce Solutions provides cutting-edge time and attendance software, labor management systems for integrating information gathered from a myriad of data collection devices with all the major accounting and human resources management software. Sierra’s time and attendance software solutions are certified officially at the highest levels of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Sage ERP accounting software offerings.  We are constantly updating, enhancing and improving our time and attendance software offerings.  Sierra’s certifications ensure that you are getting the highest quality time and attendance product.

Sierra Workforce Solutions’ data collection systems integrate with virtually all popular accounting and human resources management software products. In most cases, this is accomplished via a sophisticated bi-directional programming interface that eliminates export files, import files, and all the trouble that accompanies these methods.  By integrating payroll systems with time and attendance software, Sierra Workforce Solutions streamlines the process of doing payroll with seamless data integration. Whether you have an in-house payroll software package or you have your payroll done by a 3rd party provider, Sierra Workforce Solutions has a time and attendance software solution that will meet and exceed your needs.

SWS Silver MS
Sierra Workforce Solutions is a Sage Silver Development Partner


Sierra Workforce Solutions has been a leader in the time and attendance software, time clock systems and time and labor management solutions industry since 1987.  Sierra’s industry-leading time clock systems have been providing organizations greater control over increased workforce productivity and improved business profitability for 30 years and counting!  Sierra Workforce Solutions delivers time and attendance software, time clock hardware solutions to a broad range of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, construction, retail, and gaming.

Providing the total solution from employee punch, data collection & reporting, to payroll integration is what we do best. Sierra Workforce Solutions offers proven time and attendance software systems and the best workforce management hardware technology. Sierra remains focused on customer satisfaction. Sierra Workforce Solutions offers the added value of building long-term relationships based on traditions of honest and open communication, fulfilled promises and a responsive inter-personal dynamic for all of your time and attendance software, time clock hardware solutions and time and labor management needs.