Sierra Workforce Solutions FAQ and Jump Start Questions

Sierra Workforce Solutions has some questions asked of us more frequently than others. Here are a few of them:

Q. Will Sierra’s time and attendance applications handle shift differentials and complex overtime schedules?

A. You bet they will. Sierra has multiple time and attendance solutions – from basic operations to complex scheduling and payment plans, we have a solution to fit nearly any corporate situation.  We’ll discuss your requirements, document them, and recommend the solution for you.  Your Account Manager has years of experience in this industry and if that rare moment comes where they don’t have an answer, one of our System Experts will step in and provide it.  We’re a team and we’ll make you feel like you’re part of the family.

Q. What can I do with the Sierra TimeMaster Integration Application (TIA)?

A. Sierra’s Interface is bi-directional and can transfer employee, organizational information, and other optional information such as accruals from your accounting package down into your time and attendance package saving you hours upon hours of double entry and maintenance.  Sierra’s Interface can also transfer your time punches and pay code information from your time and attendance package up to your accounting package.  There are many options keeping you in control of your payroll including the ability to transfer disbursements, tips, shift and differential info, and overtime are just a few of the options.  Our interface is the result of years of ongoing development and we are adding more features and enhancements all the time.

Just getting started? Here’s some food for thought–Questions that will help you get a jump start on finding the correct time & attendance system for your business:

-How many employees do you need to track?
We have solutions large and small.

-What payroll service are you using now?
We haven’t met a payroll service we don’t like!

-How are employees clocking in now?

-What information are you looking to gather i.e. overtime, accruals, who’s in, break info

-Who will need to access the information?  How many supervisors?

-Who is the point of contact and/or decision maker for this project?

-What is your budget?
At Sierra we have options for most budgets!

-What is your timeline?

-What kind of work environment is your business?
i.e.  office workers, industrial manufacturing, field services
We have hardware options for an assortment of environments!

-Any special circumstances we should be aware of?