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Having a secure, accurate time & attendance system in place is step one in guaranteeing that you will be prepared for an audit, with the added benefit of on-the-fly monitoring of your staff, allowing you to remain ACA compliant.

The Affordable Care Act legislation can be a confusing maze of legislation. The best way to protect your company from heavy fines is to automate your time & attendance process. This will ensure that you have an easily accessible, accurate, secure snapshot of your workforce.   By using your workforce analytics, you can manage employees in a more efficient fashion, spot overtime and cost trends, and ensure that you are within mandated hour thresholds.


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Sierra Can Help You in Three Main Areas:

– Run pre-configured large employer “Compliance” and full time “Look-Back” ACA reports.

– Set “max hours” policies. Prevent employees from working over xx number of hours.

– Ability to run “staff hire date” reports and to set task reminders for employee “on-boarding”. This is a useful tool to remind you when an employee is approaching their mandated health insurance benefit notification within the legal window of hire date time.

Are You Ready?

Sierra Makes ACA Report Building Easy for You   

With each TimeMaster Summit implementation we configure five Affordable Care Act specific reports.  You will be all set to start pulling ACA analytics once you fire up your new TimeMaster Summit install.

Here are the reports we help you configure and save:

Affordable Care Act Report:  Great to use for your mandated “look back” periods and to monitor your workforce trends.  This report provides a comprehensive view of your staff and over/under minimum hour presets, broken out in current, 3 month and 6 month increments.

Approaching Overtime Report:  Delivers a snapshot of your current workers and the week’s hours worked, allowing you to be nimble with staffing and scheduling changes

-Overtime Hours Report:  Diving into analytics?  This report is for you!  View overtime hours by employee by pay period with cost breakdown.

-Summary of Overtime Hours Report:  This report contains a listing of overtime hours and extended costs associated by your particular pay codes.

-Summary of Overtime Hours Report V2:  This handy report lists overtime hours broken down by department.

Don’t see what you need for analytics?  We can certainly help configure reporting for your specific needs!

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CMS PBJ Export for Long Term Care Facilities

Automate your CMS PBJ reporting by using one of our exports!

At Sierra we have several options for clients needing a CMS PBJ export.  All options assist with categorizing and formatting your employee time and attendance data to government specifications. Data is exported in the proper XML format for upload to the CMS PBJ online portal.

Sierra also has options to add temp/contract worker information into your data export file.

Exports can be run at the click of a button. The mandatory XML file format is reviewable before upload into government portal.

Let us do the heavy liftingwe stay educated and execute the ever-changing list of export requirements!

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