Badges – Proximity, Mag Stripe, and Bar Code

Many of the clocks we sell can function as card readers.  We are prepared to help you with whatever kind of card you may need for your staff.  Most of these cards have customizable options too!

Here’s an overview of the different types of cards:

SierraWorkforceSolutions_ProximityCard_finalProximity cards, also known as prox cards, feature an embedded metallic antenna coil that stores cardholder data. Data stored on a proximity card can be detected by a reader when the proximity card is passed within range. Proximity cards are commonly used as access control cards and are also used in security and identification, specifically in our time clock applications and workplaces that require fast processing speeds.

SierraWorkforceSolutions_MagStripeCard_finalMagnetic Stripe cards are ideal for applications where the magnetic stripe is frequently swiped or needs to have a long life, such as for access control and/or time and attendance cards. These cards are resistant to damage from most magnets or magnetic fields.

SierraWorkforceSolutions_BarCode_finalBar Code cards are available in horizontal or vertical orientations.  Barcodes are usually used to store a single unique character string, used as a pass code in access control or other holder identification systems.