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Service Level Commitment

Sierra Workforce Solutions is constantly working to improve their commitment to quality customer support. When reaching out for help with Sierra, we believe our customers should know what to expect from us. Our internal service level agreements that we work to achieve are as follows:

When you call Sierra Workforce Solutions, one of our live Technical Support Analysts will respond immediately.  Should all of our analysts be busy on the phones, leave us a voicemail. We will retrieve the voicemail in 45 minutes or less, and call you back within 1.5 business hours.

When you email us, one of our Technical Support Analysts will respond within 4 business hours. Currently, Sierra response times are less than 1 business hour.

It’s easy. When you need us, contact us via email or phone during business hours and we will help you.

Office Hours: Monday – Friday from 6 am to 4 pm Pacific Standard Time

Call Us Direct: (916) 673-2165

Send Us an Email: