See how the savings can add up!  Start making time work for you today!

Here’s how we calculate savings:

Time card audit savings – the time it takes to add up time cards
Studies have shown that manual totaling of time cards takes approximately six minutes
per card each pay period.  Automating your time & attendance systems will reduce that to one minute.
Lost time savings – employee time theft
Lost time or employee “time theft” savings consists of wages recaptured by the time & attendance system’s rounding and restriction capabilities. The average weekly workplace time “theft” is four hours and five minutes.  This includes long lunches, breaks, tardiness, early departures, etc. according to studies conducted by the Robert Half Agencies.
Human error factor – mistakes
Studies have shown inaccuracy in calculation of employee time to be from one percent to eight percent. In our calculations we assume .25%.
= Total savings

Estimated annual ROI for a 100 employee company:


















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