TM Maximus Time Clock

Sierra TimeMaster Maximus clock


Empower Employees & Capture Labor Data at the Source!

The TM Maximus time clock fingerprint and badge reading system combines the best new technology with a time tested foundation and unsurpassed rugged durability. Designed for people who want more, it is completely field upgradable. It delivers real time data to your software application using built in Ethernet communications.   Using Sierra’s bi-directional interface, the TM Maximus time clock can be linked to a variety of existing computer networks in your organization to complement any Microsoft Dynamics ERP or Sage ERP systems you already have in place, guaranteeing  accurate, reliable input.   By automating your data collection process, you can eliminate the manpower and mistakes associated with conventional time cards thereby reducing both payroll costs and errors.

TM Maximus time clock offers eight programmable function keys for MAXimum flexibility and user definable data collection.With its Biometric upgrade options buddy punching issues can be eradicated.

Concerned about Coronavirus/COVID-19 and the workplace?   Maximus clocks have an optional proximity card reader for hands free time clock punching! See how it works:



Biometric Time & Attendance for the Real World!

The TM Maximus time clock reads fingerprint characteristics at and beneath the surface of the skin.  Dirty, dry and wet fingers are no longer a problem with the TM Maximus.  This enhanced biometric technology mitigates traditional system vulnerabilities making the TM Maximus the ideal biometric time clock for your work environment.

The TM Maximus terminal is available in both standard and biometric versions. Highly versatile for incorporation into many time or data collection environments, the Maximus terminal offers a large user memory base of up to 1 megabyte. The Maximus terminal supports a standard TCP/IP Ethernet 10/100BASE-T interface as well as optional serial EIA RS232 format.

The many options of the TM Maximus terminal include:

Time and Attendance
Job Tracking (by work order)
Department Transfers
Call Back, Training
Employee Messaging

Standard Features
Fast Employee Enrollment
Works Under Challenging Environmental Conditions
Centralized Template Management
4 x 20 Character LCD (128 x 64 pixel)
10/100 Base T Ethernet Communications
8 Programmable Function Keys
Durable Shatter Resistant Sensor
USB Backup

Reader Options
Magnetic Reader
Infrared Barcode
HID Proximity and iClass
Job Tracking Wand Reader Kit

Terminal Options
UPS (Terminal Operations on Battery Backup)
PoE (Power over Ethernet)
Bell Relay Kit
Wireless Connectivity

Biometric Options
1:1 for Verification
1:n Identification (search database)
Lumidigm® Multispectral Optical Imager

8.4” x 10.24” x 3.86” (21.33cm x 26cm x 9.8cm)
Weight 4 lbs
Rugged Die-Cast Aluminum Housing
Key Locking Base 

Multi-Media–Can support most standard bar code formats including:
• 128
• 3 of 9
• Interleave 2 of 5
• Wiegand
• IATA Track I and ABA Track II magnetic stripe input (program dependent)

Flexibility: A Maximus terminal can act as a stand-alone time station or as part of a local or wide area network. The terminal can also interface with virtually any host hardware or software platform.
Custom Applications: Custom programs and programmable function keys provide you with the flexibility to create a variety of options.
 Reliability: A Real Time Clock (RTC) provides 12 or 24 hour time formats with quartz precision. An optional non-interruptible power supply (UPS) provides terminal operation for up to 1.5 hours during power outages. Data storage is preserved with a flash memory backup system.
 Durability: A rugged enclosure protects circuitry from environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures and airborne dust.


Sierra's TM Maximus time clock data sheet