Job Costing Module

Job-Labor Costing & Validation Module

Sierra Workforce Solutions offers an innovative Job-Labor Cost & Validation Module which enables you to accurately track and attribute time and labor management costs by department, job, task, project, and more. Multiple levels of attributes may be defined, each with its own user defined name. These additional levels allow for a more in-depth breakdown of cost information.

Hours Recorded

Hours can be broken down by employee, shift, department, job, task, step, equipment, material, and more, sorted in nearly any order. Hours can be further broken down by regular time and multiple levels of overtime.


In addition to tracking and reporting time sheet hours spent in multiple areas, wage or labor rates may also be applied with this module to allow accurate recording of labor costs incurred. Actual employee wages or preset rates (including overhead) can be used with this solution. Additional reporting is available when this option is utilized.


Allows tracking of quantities produced, accepted and rejected, and the labor associated with producing them. Quantities can be entered as employees are performing the work. The quantity report will show how much time by department, employee, task, etc. was expended to produce a particular quantity.

Piece Rate

Allows the ability to take the quantities tracked and use them in conjunction with piece rate, enabling you to multiply a particular quantity by its assigned rate, and allowing you to help execute piece rate strategies. A gross piece rate can then be reported by department, employee, job, task, etc.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Gain better control over your business by knowing where your labor hours and dollars are being spent and knowing where you are with your budget. Immediately see if you are on schedule for the completion of any project. Forecasting takes into consideration the hours worked, dollars spent to date, and the scheduled hours still to work to come up with forecasted totals for any department, job, task, etc. in the system. Project the outcome of projects before completion. Adjust schedules to meet future requirements and avoid overpaying employees. Enter budgetary numbers for both hours and dollars to increase performance and margins. Print budgetary reports such as an Actual vs. Scheduled vs. Budgeted report to give insight to your operations.


Better track workforce results by downloading valid jobs, employees, levels, steps, and more to the time clock. Eliminate employee time tracking errors, increase job costing accuracy, and validate time data before approving for payroll. Audit trails allow you to see original punch histories, corrections made, and pass time audits.