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Seasonal Employees – Are you Ready To Bring Them Aboard?

Line Workers in a Distribution Facility

Employers – Do you find yourself asking: What types or preparations should employers take when hiring seasonal help? What are the business system considerations? What documentation should be kept for HR purposes? What documentation should be available for taxes? How does a seasonal employee’s job status differ from full time? How will your time management… Read more »

Time Clocks: Hands-Free Ensures Your Employees Health and Safety

NO Touch Time Clock

As a result of the current pandemic, are you rethinking how your employee’s clock in and out of work?   Traditional workplace time clocks can be touched quite a bit throughout the business day. As we have all experienced these past few weeks, it is believed that some bacteria and germs can transfer from person to… Read more »

Tracking Employee Time during Coronavirus Shutdown

To-Do Checklist

Time to Start Tracking Your Employee’s COVID-19 Time Loss Be prepared for federal and local government business aid by tracking your employee’s COVID-19 time. If you have an automated time and attendance system you can start immediately tracking employee time with appropriate pay codes to be prepared for the business aid. With some easy adjustments… Read more »

How Much is Your Manual Time Tracking System Costing You?

Silver and Gold Coins in Front of a Clock

Truth is, it’s costing you time and money. It’s time to cut your losses and get automated. At Sierra Workforce Solutions we have dedicated ourselves to helping clients large and small automate their time and attendance systems. We’re truly passionate about ensuring that employers pay their employees accurately and on schedule. And truth be told,… Read more »

Is It Time to Clean Your Workplace Time Clock? We Can Help!

Hand Cleaning Dirty Surface

Our help desk team here at Sierra Workforce Solutions would like to offer a refresher course on how to properly clean your time clocks. We recommend regular monthly cleaning of your time clocks. It’s a quick and easy way to keep your time clocks working great, along with keeping the workplace more sanitary. Here’s what you’ll need to clean… Read more »

How to Know When to Replace Your Time Clock?

Sierra in business since 1987

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock… Let’s start with the obvious.  If your current time clock is old and covered in grease from years on the shop floor it’s time for new equipment. The buttons aren’t working and your company has added more employees. No need to justify having another time clock accessible, it’s time… Read more »

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Insider Scoop About Workplace Rounding Rules

Time and Attendance 411-Why do we round anyway? In the workplace, rounding time entries refers to adjusting an entry to an easier to manage number.  All with keeping the “essence” of the time entry as close to the actual punch.  How does rounding come into play with automating your time and attendance system?   Let us… Read more »

Buddy Punching: A Time Clock Problem

punch time clock

Just back from a busy week in New Orleans, where I had the chance to speak to many prospects and current clients. The biggest time and attendance pain point buzz for potential new clients at the trade show was “buddy punching”. Buddy Punching is a workforce management industry specific term that refers to fellow employees… Read more »

What is the ROI of your Time & Attendance system?

time and attendance ROI

At Sierra we take phone calls every day from people tracking employee time in interesting ways. A typical scenario is something like this; handwritten time sheets have been gathered on various sheets of paper, travelled from a job site, been rewritten by a supervisor and then input into a spreadsheet by someone in the home… Read more »

The Power of ERP Software User Groups

time and attendance VAR collaboration

ERP Software users, we have a great tip for you! Take advantage of one of the user groups associated with your ERP software package. “UGs”, as they are affectionately referred to, can be highly organized and helpful to software users, developers and marketers. What is an “UG” and how can it apply to you? UG… Read more »