How to Know When to Replace Your Time Clock?

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Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…
Let’s start with the obvious.  If your current time clock is old and covered in grease from years on the shop floor it’s time for new equipment. The buttons aren’t working and your company has added more employees. No need to justify having another time clock accessible, it’s time for an upgrade!
We can help define your new system and upgrade your equipment. The transition will be seamless and we will help with your workforce solutions needs all along the way.  We are celebrating our 25 year anniversary of being an experienced time and attendance data integration company!!!
Interesting in new technology? We can also help transition you to a more sophisticated clock. Some even help track job costing and include direct access to employee benefit information.  Isn’t that awesome?
For current clients: Owners of the TM500 & TM600 series clocks that we offer are in luck! These clocks are being discontinued. As a result, you will no longer be able to RMA or get support for them.  To help any clients who own these clocks, we are offering several incentives! Contact us and we will help!  All upgrades should be an easy transition for you.  Perhaps you have access control needs or are thinking about getting a biometric clock?
Please give us a call to discuss any upgrades at 800-822-0973!  Our sales team has over thirty years combined experience and is standing by ready to help!
Whatever it is you need, we would love to help!  It’s time to crack down and be up-to-speed on your time clock needs.