Is It Time to Clean Your Workplace Time Clock? We Can Help!

Hand Cleaning Dirty Surface

Our help desk team here at Sierra Workforce Solutions would like to offer a refresher course on how to properly clean your time clocks. We recommend regular monthly cleaning of your time clocks. It’s a quick and easy way to keep your time clocks working great, along with keeping the workplace more sanitary.

Here’s what you’ll need to clean your time clock:

Here’s how to clean your time clock:

Standard “swipe and go” time clocks should be cleaned with a soft cloth and glass cleaner.  Using a clean cloth dampened with non-abrasive window cleaner, start at the back of your reader and work forward. Extra grime in corners can be worked off with a cotton swab. *For all clocks, do not attempt to clean the inside of your clock or take the back of your time keeping unit off.

Time Clock Cleaning Supplies


For those of you with biometric finger readers, you will also considerably help maintain the accuracy of your employee time swipes by keeping the “reader” surface of your time clock clean. Clean the clock reader surfaces using rubbing alcohol and tissue or a clean cotton cloth. Do not use anything abrasive on the reader as this can result in damage to the unit. 

For “hand reader” clocks, make sure you clean the hand plate, side mirror, reflector and the upper window of the unit. Hand reader clocks definitely benefit from regular cleaning. Did you know that the hand reader surface is infused with an antibacterial agent? Cool stuff!

If you have a dirt prone work environment or find yourself constantly having to clean your time keeping hardware, we have some additional help for you. Sierra’s sales team can suggest one of several options for time clock enclosures that allow another level of protection from environmental elements.

We hope these time clock tips help.  Have additional questions? Please contact us at 800-822-0973.  Our California based help desk staff is on duty from 6 am to 4 pm PST daily M-F. You can also email us at:  Keep time “working” for you today with a clean workplace time clock.