Biometric Time Clocks and Why You Should Care

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Think time and attendance is boring?   We are out to change your minds today with a primer on biometrics and how they play a huge part in the time and attendance industry. What are biometrics? The term “biometrics” applies to the measurement of unique physical attributes, for example your fingerprint, veins in your palm, topography… Read more »

5 Questions to ask about your Time & Attendance System

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Thinking about Automating your Time & Attendance Tracking? Five Questions to Ask Before You Begin:  1. How many employees do you need to track?  Do you need to track all of your employees?  Only one location?  Just hourly workers?  Most time and attendance systems have a way to track a blend of hourly and salaried… Read more »

GPUG Amplify 2017 Observations

Sierra Workforce Solutions Time Managment

The Sierra Workforce Solutions team recently headed south to lovely Anaheim, California for the second annual GPUG Amplify, in cooperation with Microsoft, conference.  We packed our bags with great excitement and gratefulness for a West Coast event. First, a little background about the GPUG Amplify conference. GPUG Amplify was conceived after the discontinuing of Microsoft’s “Convergence”… Read more »

Top 10 Steps to Prepare for Automating Time & Attendance

Thinking about upgrading or implementing a time and attendance system for your company? Worried about an overtime lawsuit?  ACA compliance regulations have you stressed?  Start here!  The team at Sierra has put together a handy list of the top ten steps to keep in mind.  This list is a great way to kick start your time… Read more »

Is It Time to Clean Your Time Clock? We Can Help!

Our help desk team here at Sierra Workforce Solutions would like to offer a refresher course on how to properly clean your time clocks! We know, we know just one more thing to add to the pile of things “to-do” in your busy work week, but it’s a quick and easy way to keep your time clocks working great! Here’s… Read more »

Avoid Costly Lawsuits by Automating Your Time & Attendance Systems

“You have a lawsuit on your hands” this is probably one of the scariest statements a business could ever hear! Believe it or not overtime can become the basis of a lawsuit come audit time if employers and employees do not track their time appropriately. According to Federal class actions brought under the Fair… Read more »

Spotlight on Sierra in GPUG Magazine!

Sierra Workforce Solutions In the News

Sierra Workforce Solutions has been offering time and attendance software and hardware solutions since 1987.  Going on thirty years!  Recently Mike Christiansen, President of Sierra Workforce Solutions, was interviewed for Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains User Group’s magazine.  In the article you will find insight into how Sierra provides instant ROI on investment, while offering fabulous… Read more »

Microsoft Convergence 2015 Top 10

Convergence is just around the corner, so we have put together a “Top Ten” tips and tricks list for you… 1. Visit the Expo, walk around and experience the thriving Dynamics Community. You’ll find Dynamics Partners (GP, NAV, AX, SL and CRM!) with a wide array of ISV solutions to add on and enhance your… Read more »

Our Microsoft Convergence 2015 anticipation is building!

You probably have seen us out on social media banging our drum about the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics ERP Convergence 2015 show in Atlanta.  Why are conventions like this so important to Sierra?  To start, you simply cannot beat meeting face to face with Dynamics VARS and clients. Our conversations this Convergence will be focused on… Read more »

GPUG Summit 2014: Sierra at the Microsoft GP Conference.

Microsoft Dynamics® GP Annual User Conference Slated for October 14-17 in St. Louis, MO September 4, 2014—Folsom, CA—Sierra Workforce Solutions announced today their participation in the Microsoft Dynamics GP User Group (GPUG®) Summit 2014 on October 14-17 in St. Louis, MO. GPUG Summit is the largest independent user conference dedicated exclusively to Microsoft Dynamics GP. … Read more »