From the Help Desk – Is your time clock ready for a power surge?

protect your software hardware with surge protector

Last month our help desk fielded numerous calls about clock malfunctions due to power surges. Power surges occur when the steady flow of electricity suddenly spikes, boosting the electrical charge in power lines, which can increase the electrical current to your outlet. There are a several things that can cause this to happen, like bad electrical wiring, the nearby operation of high power electrical devices and even lightening!

These fluctuations in power can wreak havoc on your time clock. Your time clock can lose all of its templates, lock up-requiring a power cycle, and last but certainly not least, your time clock can sustain damage needing repair by the manufacturer. None of this is good for a business!

Surge protectors are an inexpensive insurance policy for your time clock! A standard surge protector passes the electrical current from the outlet to the many devices plugged into it. If the voltage from the outlet rises above the accepted level the surge protector diverts the extra electricity. It pretty much saves you from having to lose your history of information and an unexpected freak-out moment at work!

We recommend you take advantage of this low cost line of defense today and save yourself from future headaches. Right now power surge protectors are affordable at any electronics store!

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