Our Microsoft Convergence 2015 anticipation is building!

You probably have seen us out on social media banging our drum about the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics ERP Convergence 2015 show in Atlanta.  Why are conventions like this so important to Sierra?  To start, you simply cannot beat meeting face to face with Dynamics VARS and clients.

Our conversations this Convergence will be focused on a few popular things.  Talking point #1 is employee scheduling.  If you take advantage of one of our time and attendance data collection options you ensure that properly qualified staff are in the right place at the right time all while drastically reducing the time you spend actually scheduling staff.

With new A.C.A. regulations and overtime lawsuits, employee scheduling has been at the forefront of many conversations the past year.  We took feedback and requests about additional employee scheduling features.  After very thorough testing and vetting, we approved two (2!) well-established and dynamic time and attendance data collection systems.  Combine these with Sierra’s Certified for Microsoft Dynamics bi-directional time and attendance integration that works with the Dynamics ERP product line and you have a recipe for success.

Both new time and attendance systems offer several levels of scheduling options.  Ability to drag and drop shifts, pay codes and rules based auto schedule builder.   Our Certified for Microsoft Dynamics time and attendance systems also support multi-shifts and rotating schedules.  Rules based employee scheduling allows businesses with complex labor laws, union agreements, and unique organizational procedures to set specific criteria, ensuring qualified employees are scheduled in the right place at the right time. There is an added bonus of being able to email-text employees regarding schedule changes.

Another reason to put Sierra and time and attendance on your checklist for Convergence in Atlanta is we are proud to announce our Dynamics AX time clock integration!

Sierra’s direct integration with AX time clocks is designed to take your time and attendance data directly from your clocks and insert the data transactions directly into the Microsoft Dynamics AX Timesheet. Time and data transfer information can include time punches, job codes, absence codes and pay codes.

For use in environments where a time and attendance application doesn’t exist, this integration allows you to have time data synchronized in real-time so you can view the data in the AX Timesheet immediately.

We have even added in an advanced batch configuration tool that allows you to control when and how often data will be moved and what data will be moved as well. Optimal functionality and high performance gives you the control you’re looking for when you need a solution that delivers!

We have a great selection of time clocks for your Dynamics AX environment.  Worried about buddy punching?  We have biometric time clock options!

Here’s a sneak peek:



Result, employers using Sierra’s Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL and NAV time and attendance products can cut scheduling time by up to 75% and improve customer satisfaction.  Stop by our booth in the Microsoft Convergence 2015 Expo hall so we can continue this conversation. See you in Atlanta!