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Service Level Commitment

Sierra Workforce Solutions is constantly working to improve their commitment to quality customer support. When reaching out for help with Sierra, we believe our customers should know what to expect from us.

Our internal service level agreements that we work to achieve are as follows:
When you call Sierra Workforce Solutions, one of our live Technical Support Analysts will respond immediately. Should all of our analysts be busy on the phones, leave us a voicemail. We will retrieve the voicemail in 45 minutes or less, and respond within 1.5 business hours.

When you email us, one of our Technical Support Analysts will respond within 4 business hours. Currently, Sierra response times are less than 1 business hour.

Support and Escalations

We take support seriously and follow ITIL procedures and policies that optimize the customer support experience. Once our Technical Support Analysts pick up the issue, they own it until it is resolved. If an issue could better be handled by a more qualified specialist, a hand-off will be made and it will be communicated to the customer. In any case, it is our goal to manage our clients’ expectations with professionalism.

Our analysts have the ability to determine through a documented methodology if they’ll be able to resolve the issue independently. If they are unable to do so, Sierra has a documented escalation path for our analysts to follow. In addition to our in-house team of analysts, we have access to our programming and developer teams to assist.

On top of that, Sierra Workforce Solutions is CfMD, Microsoft Application and Development Independent Silver Partner and a Sage Silver Development Partner-giving us access to more information and professional support. That’s what Sierra Workforce Solutions is all about!

Sierra Workforce Solutions’ Support Life Cycle

Sierra Workforce Solutions’ Support Life Cycle policy applies to most products currently available through Sierra Workforce Solutions, including the support of integration to products like Microsoft’s Dynamics GP (and the rest of the Microsoft Dynamics line). Below, find details of our current business and consumer policies which include:

Time and Attendance Applications

Sierra’s TimeMaster Interface Application

Sierra’s Workforce Management Solutions Applications

Sierra Workforce Solutions’ Support Plan Options

Sierra Workforce Solutions has a technical support plan to fit the unique needs of our customers. The features are many, but we keep it simple.

Our Basic Support Plan covers unlimited calls and emails to our support desk with a guaranteed response time of fewer than 2 business hours during our normal operating business hours.

With our Pro Support Plan, you can step up our guaranteed response time to less than 1 business hour during our normal operating business hours.

Customers who want weekend coverage can get our Concierge Plan. With guaranteed response times of less than 1 business hour during our normal operating business hours, you can have weekend coverage as well between the hours of 8am PST – 5pm PST.

And for those Customers who want that personal touch, we can be at your service 24×7. Whenever you need us, your dedicated agent is assigned to you with your own personal number to dial, available anytime, anywhere.

Any way you define it, when you place a call to Sierra Support, you have our attention!

Sierra Workforce Solutions FAQ

Sierra Workforce Solutions has some questions asked of us more frequently than others. Here are a few of them.

Q. Will Sierra’s time and attendance applications handle shift differentials and complex overtime schedules?

A. You bet they will. Sierra has multiple time and attendance solutions – from basic operations to complex scheduling and payment plans, we have a solution to fit nearly any corporate situation. We’ll discuss your requirements, document them, and recommend the solution for you. Your Account Manager has years of experience in this industry and if that rare moment comes where they don’t have an answer, one of our System Experts will step in and provide it. We’re a team and we’ll make you feel like you’re part of the family.

Q. What can I do with the Sierra TimeMaster Integration Application (TIA)?

A. Sierra’s Interface is bi-directional and can transfer employee, organizational information, and other optional information such as accruals from your accounting package down into your time and attendance package saving you hours upon hours of double entry and maintenance. Sierra’s Interface can also transfer your time punches and pay code information from your time and attendance package up to your accounting package. There are many options keeping you in control of your payroll including the ability to transfer disbursements, tips, shift and differential info, and overtime are just a few of the options. Our interface is the result of years of ongoing development and we are adding more features and enhancements all the time.

Q. What accounting packages will the Sierra Interface (TIA) work with?

A. Sierra’s Interface integrates with all the major application packages including Microsoft’s Dynamics solutions and Sage’s ERP solutions. We have developed our interface over years to literally work with 100’s of payroll packages. Each installation can be installed, configured, and tested in a very brief amount of time and will save you hours and, in some cases, days when it comes to processing your payroll accurately and on time. You’ll believe it when you see it!