Easy Steps to Time & Attendance Success

Time to upgrade or implement a new time and attendance system for your company? Make sure you take the proper steps before making a decision.

Time and Attendance System Implementation Made Easy

The team at Sierra has put together a handy guide of the top steps to keep in mind and kick-start your time and attendance project. We have included the most important aspects of this kind of project, including issues that impact different branches of your company.

As with any process there will be a series of steps to successful launch of your new time and attendance system. Ironing out these items will save you time and frustration at the end of the process.  Let Sierra help you make educated decisions about a time and attendance system that aligns with your workforce and budget needs.

The next ten steps cover each stage in the process of making a decision in integrating a new time and attendance system. These steps are available for download as well in the graphic below. As aways, if you have any questions or would like to chat with a Sierra Workforce Solutions team member give us a call!

Key Contacts
Identifying key contacts that will be involved in the process. One person from each department can be a good rule of thumb, however you know the organization best. If IT, payroll and HR are most important start with them. Having all the right people in the room can be the most important step.

How Will Software be Installed
Next you will want to connect with your IT lead and verify how to they want the software installed. Take the time to review the software system requirements with them.  Confirm that all necessary hardware meets or exceed software requirements. Some options include one PC, multiple PC’s, installation on the cloud or onsite equipment.

Set a Timeline
Now it’s time to establish a timeline. Are there any major dates the program needs to be up and running for? When are you expecting to be live? Be sure to set realistic expectations.

Time Clocks and Equipment
Think about your workforce, identify the best way for employees to clock in and out. Will you need physical time clocks or self-service system? Is there more than one type of device that’s going to be needed? It’s best to get equipment needs ironed out as soon as possible.

Pay Codes and Labor Levels
Have documentation in place and prepared to show your organization’s pay codes and labor levels.

Company Calendar
Have your company calendar handy and finalized. You’ll want to be able to refer to a list of annual holidays. Also keep in mind that any special rules for employee holiday pay should be available as well.

ACA Data
Will you need the system to be able to calculate your company’s ACA data? This will likely be something that you will need to work through with, with your Human Resources or payroll team members.

Pay Cycle
Determine and verify your company pay cycle(s). Perhaps one department is paid monthly, the rest of employees bi-weekly. This information will be vital when setting up certain sections of the time and attendance system. The most popular pay cycles are weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly.

Company Organization Chart
Knowing which employees will need access to which features will be essential in setting up users roles. Having a company organization chart along with what each person needs to be able to “see” will expedite this process. It is also best to identify who needs to approve documents such as timesheets and requests for time off.

Job Costing
How granular are do you need to track your company workflow? Having a list of required analytics and figures is the best way to ensure necessary data is available once your system is up and running.


Have more questions? Ready for a deeper dive? Download our Time and Attendance System Implementation Guidebook!

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