Sierra’s Time & Attendance Integration Solutions

Our proprietary time & attendance integration solution works seamlessly with virtually all popular accounting, payroll and human resource management software regardless of operation system.

At Sierra Workforce Solutions we are constantly working to improve our software knowledge. We take pride in the fact that we have established certifications at the highest levels with Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Sage ERP software products. Sierra’s certifications ensure that you are getting the highest quality time & attendance integration product.

Scalable · Affordable · Seamless · Agnostic

Sierra Workforce Solutions’ interface provides a bi-directional bridge between a given time and attendance system and a given accounting / payroll package.

Sierra Workforce Solutions developed TIA to interface time card systems with accounting/payroll systems.  The program transfers data in two directions – it passes time card data from the time card system to the accounting/payroll system, and populates the time card system database with employee and organizational information from the accounting/payroll system.  Transfer of employee data has been limited in accordance with the national HIPAA privacy directives.

Configure once and you are done! The Sierra interface lets you add features, adjust functions and modify behaviors.  Process payroll YOUR way!

The Sierra interface combines a number of different interface behaviors in a single program.   The combination of “blades” can be selected via a user interface during installation.  After the blades are selected, there is often another opportunity to adjust the behavior of the interface, depending on which “blades” have been configured.  This fine tuning is enabled by the use of specially designed “custom codes” that are entered into the setup form of the installed program.  These codes trigger specific custom behaviors which have been provided for the configurations.

In many ways, the program can be visualized as a “Swiss Army knife” with several blades available to open in two different directions – one set of blades representing variations in the input of time card data (e.g. TimeMaster™ time and attendance software system) and one set representing the various target accounting systems (Dynamics GP, AX, NAV, SL, Sage ERP 300, SagePro, BusinessWorks, Sage HRMS, Sage ERP 100/500, Darwin, KEY2ACT and many more).

With the click of a mouse imagine having all of your time entries sent to your payroll service AND all of your accounting systems updated at the same time.  The Sierra interface was built to save a broad range of businesses both time and money.