Time & Attendance Licensed On-Premises

Our proprietary time & attendance software integrates seamlessly with virtually all popular accounting, payroll and human resource management software, regardless of operation system.

Our TimeMaster suite of products are robust, capable and intuitive to use solutions. Easy to install, configure, and maintain, you can collect, manage, and process your employee’s time in a number of ways.

There’s no need to get intimidated by too many options, complex configurations or interfaces so difficult to navigate they are impossible to use. TimeMaster has been designed to provide you with numerous options that are easy to comprehend, a true pleasure to administrate and maintain, and an interface so intuitive, you don’t need to read a 500 page manual just to get around.

Choose from a wide variety of time collection hardware and/or software options. We have a solution for any work environment, and all integrate seamlessly with TimeMaster.

Once you are ready to process your time data for payroll, simply lock the payroll cycle and export your data with Sierra’s TimeMaster Integration Application (TIA) seamlessly and effortlessly.

Imagine your payroll data ready for processing in virtually any available payroll software or third-party payroll processing company… within minutes!!!