Sierra Workforce Solutions Featured at Sage Summit

As we prepare ourselves and get ready for this year’s event, we wanted to take the opportunity to watch Ken Miller, V.P. of Sales in an interview from last year’s Sage Summit Conference. In this interview Ken explains some of our awesome products and capabilities in the time and labor management industry.  From data collection to data integration,… Read more »

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How to know when to replace your time clock?

Sierra in business since 1987

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock… We’ll start with the obvious.  If your current time clock is old, covered in grease from years on the shop floor, but the buttons aren’t working or your company has added a lot more employees to justify having another time clock accessible, it’s time for an upgrade! Here at… Read more »

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Using Your Sierra Time & Attendance System to Automate Your Company Holidays

Did you know that many U.S. employers recognize 10 federal holidays, if not more? The upcoming long weekend has us thinking about holidays. Does your company celebrate an unusual holiday? Mardi Gras in Louisiana anyone? Caesar Chavez Day in California? Save yourself from additional payroll processing work by updating your time clocks to automate your… Read more »